How to cut your phone bills in half

Let’s face it, harsh economic realities in the world have got everyone trying to find ways to cut back on their spending and save on monthly expenses. Phone bills present an area where budget-conscious people can save a little and avoid one more costly recurrent expense.

It is easy to go on chatting and forget about the cost of a call. However, there are basic money-saving measures on how to cut your phone bills in half you can take to keep your bills as low as possible without necessarily having to sacrifice on call time.

1. Get the right phone package

Telephone companies offer different packages to attract customers and meet different calling needs. For example, some companies offer unlimited free daytime calls, others have cheaper per-minute overseas calling packages while others have free calling packages to specific telephone numbers.

Get the right package for your calling needs to benefit from cost effective calling charges. Determine how exactly you use your phone. Do you call at night, during the day or both? Do you ring mobile phones or landlines? Are your calls national or international?

Once you are clear about how you use your telephone, buy the most appropriate telephone package that meets your specific needs the best. Telephone package add-ons can significantly reduce your overall cost of making calls.

2. Use calling cards for long-distance calls

Consider buying calling cards if a huge portion of your phone bill is made up of long-distance calls. Calling cards offer some of the most attractive long-distance calling rates in the market, as well as cost effective corresponding toll-free-number plans.

Charges for using calling cards for long-distance calls will typically cost you only a few cents per minute. This per-minute calling rate is lower than what is charged by traditional phone companies that add a set monthly fee on top of the per-minute calling charges.

3. Use Skype

Cut you telephone bill all together and keep in close contact with family and friends in another part of the world by using Skype. Skype is a powerful software that enables you to make free video calls anywhere in the world over the Internet through your computer.

Skype is free, relatively easy to install and it allows you to have face-to-face conversations. You can be in another country and still be able to join your wife and kids for supper every evening with Skype. Simply have the family laptop placed on the dinner table and log on to yours and the whole family can have a meal together.

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