How to find grant money for adult learners

Discretionary Learner Support is the new name for what used to be the Adult Learner Grant. Where as in the past you would apply for the grant from your local government authority, you now have to apply for the grant from the educational institute you plan to attend. To help you find grant money most suitable for your needs, you can ask to see the local grant directory in your local library or visit the government website at Direct.Gov.Uk.

The Discretionary Learner Support grant is designed to help adult learners with costs linked to their education. To qualify for the grant you must be aged 19-years-old or over. To find out how to apply for the Discretionary Learner Support grant you will need to make enquiries at the educational institute you attend. This is because each individual college and university has a different application process, so in order to complete it right you will need to ask for advice from the college's education administrator.

If you want to find grant money for things such as books, travel expenses to college and childcare expenses you can apply for other grants while receiving the Discretionary grant. Once you have applied for the grant, you will not need to apply again while you are in education and while your circumstances do not change.

Instead, just before the start of the term in September, you will receive a notice of entitlement, which will confirm you have the grant, for how long you will receive it and from when. It is important for as long as you are receiving the grant that you remember to notify the relevant authorities about possible changes in circumstances. This may include change of address, a change in status and if you become employed for more than a specified number of hours each week.

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