We take a look at how to get a mortgage without a deposit

If you're wondering how to get a mortgage without a deposit then we have some unfortunate news for you. Getting this Holy Grail of a financial product is getting more and more rare in these financially turbulent times. As companies grow more unwilling to lend, so too does the deposit required to secure a mortgage grow.

There is still one UK based company willing to stick their neck on the chopping block and offer a 100% mortgage, and that company is the Where on Earth Group, who you can find online at whereonearthgroup.com. Simply click on their mortgage without a deposit tab and lets have a gander at what's on offer.

The Where on Earth Group employ a group of expert mortgage consultants who trawl the market to bring together a number of smaller mortgage offers to make up the 100% figure needed. Even if you have been refused a mortgage by a high street lender, the Where on Earth Group's expert consultants believe they will be able to help you out.

Where on Earth specialise in a host of different mortgage offers. If you aren't comfortable with not putting down a deposit, they will be able to help you out with a low deposit mortgage. They even specialise in mortgages for people with CCJ's and Bad Credit.

No matter what type of mortgage product you seek, check out the Where on Earth Group either online, or over the phone, for a different perspective on your Mortgage needs. Good luck with your search!

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