Are you wondering how to get cheap young driver insurance?

Do you spend an unreasonable amount of time wondering how to get cheap young driver insurance? It's a tough market out there for young drivers, and the only way to realistically bring your premium down is to take a number of steps to make yourself more "Insurance Friendly". In this blog we'll show you how to do it.

So, why are Young Drivers so picked on? Well, the statistics back up the claim that young drivers are the least safe demographic of drivers, so you really need to make sure you make a compelling case to insurers before they'll take you on. The good news is, that there's a number of easy steps you can take to ease the financial burden on yourself.

The first of these is to take one of the many recognised "Pass Plus" courses around the UK. A Pass Plus course is an extra course you take on top of your standard driving test that shows you are a more advanced driver. Surveys have shown that people who have taken the Pass Plus can save up to 35% on their Car Insurance, so it's well worth checking out!

If you're willing to pay a higher excess then you can snag yourself some unbelievable savings. If the average excess is £150, and you agree to pay £250 or £300, then your premium will come down considerably. This means you'll be liable to pay a higher amount at the start of every claim.

Our final tip is to pay your Car Insurance premium in one lump sum rather than monthly instalments. This will save you paying the often exorbitant interest rates that are offered on these premiums, saving you a sizeable chunk.

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