How to get out of your Vodafone contract early

The basic thing to remember about any mobile phone contract is that part of the charges you pay cover the cost of the handset. When you think about that, you’ll understand why mobile phone networks make the early termination of a contract difficult and expensive. The good news if you’re trying to get out of a Vodafone contract early is that it’s possible to do as long as you pay an early termination fee.
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Early Termination fee

This amount is basically the pro-rata line rental for the remaining period of your contract. If you’ve only got a few months left and you’re getting a significantly better deal from another provider, this might work for you. To cancel your contract early, you’ll need to call customer services. You can do this by calling 191 from your Vodafine handset. You can also use the 24/7 live chat service on vodafone.co.uk to get out of your contact early.

Consider upgrade

Unless your suddenly emigrating to another country, you’ll probably find that an upgrade on your existing contract works out cheaper than paying an early termination fee plus the cost of a new contract with another supplier. Of course, you will have put yourself in the hands of the Vodafone customer service team by agreeing to a contract with one of their rivals while under contract to them so you shouldn’t expect the sort of fantastic deals advertised on TV. You can check the upgrade date for your phone under the “My Account” section of Voda’s site or get this information from the customer service team when you call or message them.

Your rights

Ofcom has set out some regulations which make cancelling a mobile phone contract far easier than it’s ever been. If you’re trying to get away from your contract because the prices you’re being asked to pay have been hiked up, you can walk away from your contract. When prices are increased, firms have to make you aware that you’re able to walk away. Unfortunately, if your contract was signed before January 23rd 2014, these rules don’t apply.

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