How to Make Money with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has made a lot of ground recently in the publicity stakes and you would be hard pushed to meet someone who has not heard of the digital currency by now. The question now is how to make money with Bitcoin? Lets take a look at your options to earn real money from Bitcoin.

Earning Your First Bitcoin

One Bitcoin is currently worth roughly £500 so it is clear why the currency is generating so much interest lately. Bitcoin has been around since the late 00's and has steadily increased in value ever since. It is highly resistant to theft and forgery so for many people Bitcoin represents the most secure way to complete a transaction online.

So lets learn how to make money with Bitcoin. There are always people looking to buy Bitcoin so building up a nice nest egg of Bitcoin will get you paid. Building it up though, is easier said than done and requires time.

Traditionally, most people earned Bitcoin from mining. This is a resource heavy means of earning Bitcoin, however, and you are required to designate a whole computer's processing power and also pay for the electricity to run it. A website like www.bitcoinplus.com is a good place to look to set your computer up as part of a mining pool and you will earn regular Bitcoin rewards as your computer's processing power contributes to solving blocks.

You can also earn Bitcoin through a number of websites that offer you the chance to carry out certain tasks in exchange for payment in Bitcoin. For example, at www.coinworker.com you can complete short analytical tasks in exchange for Bitcoin and at www.bitvisitor.com you can earn Bitcoin for watching shotrt videos and visiting websites for a designated period of time.

Easier Ways?

So that is how to make money with Bitcoin. At least those are the 2 most common ways to make Bitcoin pay. You have other options open to you such as finding work that is paid through Bitcoin at job sites such as www.bitgigs.com or playing a Wolf of Bitcoin Street as a trader on the Bitcoin Stack Exchange at bitcoin.stackexchange.com.

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