How to save money on food

The obvious way of saving money on food is to not eat as much but that’s not the best thing to do if you want to stay healthy. You really need to make sure that you eat well but save money, so make sure that you don’t waste anything and be very careful when you buy food. Those are the two obvious ways of making your food and your money go further but read on and we’ll tell you how to save money on food in other ways.
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As with cooking, preparation is everything when you go shopping. Make a list of what you need and the quantities required for the dishes you’re planning on making. Convenient foods like pre-packed salads look great on the shelf and they save time but the convenience comes at a cost so buy all of your ingredients loose unless there’s some major offer on that’s too good to miss.


You will have made a list of the food you need which is a great way of making sure that you’re not tempted to spend your money on other food but don’t get too regimented or you might miss a great bargain. Bargains often come when you buy more food than you need so be prepared to store the excess. Freeze the food on the day of purchase or buy the deal with a friend or neighbour and divide the spoils so you both benefit from the savings.

Grow your own

This isn’t for everyone. Some of us live in flats where window boxes or hanging plants are the only signs of vegetation but if you have a little bit of a garden or you can get an allotment, a lot of money can be saved by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Some stuff like cucumbers and tomatoes are a bit tricky to grow correctly without a little knowledge and the right conditions, but you’ll never learn until you have a go.

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