How to save Money on virgin money car insurance

Something that everyone wants to do is save money on their car insurance. With Virgin money is it possible, but you do need to think carefully about the details that you are putting in. Here are the best options that you.

The first way to save money on Virgin Money car insurance is by looking at the type of car you have. Those that are flashy sports cars are sure to cost more than regular cars. This is because – on average – they are involved in more accidents and are stolen more often. If you want to keep your insurance costs down, consider buying a new car.

Where are you parking your car? The best way to get cheap car insurance is to keep it locked in a garage overnight or to have it in a driveway. There are now a number of people renting out their driveways for people who want to keep the cost of their insurance down – this may be something worth considering if you have to park on the street.

Your job title will affect your car cover quote. There are certain jobs that are deemed to be higher risks than others. Most of those who work nights will have to pay more because that is when most accidents occur. Teaching is considered to be one of the “safest” jobs. While you cannot lie about your job, you can change the title so it sounds safer – as long as it clearly states what you do.

Consider adding a named driver who has more experience. Adding someone with lower premium costs will usually help to bring yours down. Consider a parent or a spouse who has been driving longer. You may also want to be the named driver your parent’s or partner’s car to cut the costs, but check that you can earn a no claims discount to help with your own Virgin Money car insurance.

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