How to sell your debt to a collection agency in the UK

Are you wondering how to sell your debt to a collection agency in the UK? If you are having trouble collecting money that is owed to you, it is worth considering acquiring the services of a debt collection agency. You can sell your right to the debt to a third party.

If you sell your debt you must inform the debtor in writing and give the debtor the name, address and contact details of the third party that the debt has been assigned to. The debt collection agency you sell the debt to can then pursue the person for the money owed through the courts.

When you sell the debt to the debt collection company, the debtor owes the debt collection company instead. They will not give you the full value of the amount of money owed and it is worth consulting a few different debt collection agencies in order to get the best rate.

Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency is one of the most prominent in the UK at present. If your debt is over £500 they will collect the debt for you. It is possible to freephone them on 0800 068 5151 to talk about your debt problems. They can also be found online at debtcollect.co.uk.

Another widely known debt collection agency is the UK Debt Collection Agency, which can be found online at ukdebtcollection.com. It is possible to submit your debt online, call them on 0800 634 1768, or request a call back on their web page.

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