How to win money as a teenager

Whether you win money or make money, there are lots of opportunities online. Keep reading to find out how to win money as a teenager and how to make it for yourself.
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Basic jobs you can make money from

Don’t dream too much about what you’ll do to make money, just do the sorts of jobs that teens have been making money from for generations. Stuff like babysitting, dog walking and car washing remain great sources of additional money. Rather than doing each job on your own, why not find likeminded teens to work with?

Team up

There are a host of more lucrative jobs that need several people so you should use sites like Facebook and Twitter to find teens in your area who also want to earn a little extra money. Stuff like landscape gardening, where one person can mow the laws while another sweeps up leaves, are best carried out as a team. Rotating the jobs is the best way of keeping yourself interested and it’s also the fairest way. Working as a team also has other benefits. You will develop a reputation far quicker when you work together. Each member of the team will have a list of possible customers (friends and relatives) and when you knock on the door of someone unknown to the team, you can expect a far warmer welcome. A lone teenager knocking on a door could be seen as a threat. A team clearly ready for work with their tools in hand, will be answered far more often.

Work around the house

If you’re not confident to enlist a team or you don’t want to knock on doors, why not see what jobs you can do around the house? Make sure that you do the chores properly and you will be able to establish them as your jobs, which will lead to regularly money in your bank account.

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