Online Banking - Convenient and easy to use!

The internet has become a major part of our lives: we order food and watch TV online, share messages with friends on social networking sites – and even find romance on the web!

But what about an online bank account? If you’re wondering whether to take that next virtual step, here are some of the most beneficial aspects of handling your finances via the internet.

Having a web-based account means you can keep track of your money 24 hours a day – you don’t have to live near a branch of your bank and you don’t have to rush to get there before it closes!

Most major high street banks offer an online facility so you can check your balance, pay bills and transfer money between accounts. You can also set up direct debits and standing orders.

Another very helpful point is that you can view previous statements. In some cases, that means you can access several years of transactions at the click of a mouse – just think of not having to hunt in a drawer or storage box ever again!

If you want to avoid paper altogether, you can choose to cancel your postal statements. Opt in to receive e-mails or text alerts to let you know if you are about to exceed your limit, or when a bill is due for payment.

Having an online bank account can also give you access to a wider range of services and products – for example, applications for loans or to extend you overdraft can be done very quickly as all your details are already in the system.

From time to time, banks will offer special deals for online customers, such as a better rate of interest, or commission free currency exchange.

Many major banking groups also provide a free initial subscription to internet security software to help web users keep their personal and financial information protected.

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