Comparing HSBC bank accounts

The top three HSBC bank accounts can be divided into; the HSBC Premier Account, Advance Account and the standard HSBC Bank Account. Below you will find each account broken down and explained to help you decide which is right for you.

HSBC Premier is a top class account. It includes benefits such as world wide travel insurance for customers under 70 and discounts on selected products and services. The account has no monthly fees to qualifiers, as well as no overdraft or overseas ATM fees. Customers can also avail of an overdraft on this account for up to £500 interest free. The account comes with your own personally dedicated 'relationship manager' to give you any help or financial guidance. The account is accessible through the branch, internet banking as well as text or mobile. Check out hsbc.co.uk for more benefits with this account.

The next account, the HSBC Advance comes with many of the same perks. As well as the overdraft option and the free overseas ATM transactions this account also includes roadside breakdown assistance for its customers. Not only this but with added extras for UK residents such as Life Cover or Accidental Death Benefit, HSBC has calculated up to £500 worth of savings in their benefits. At the moment they are also offering a reduced monthly fee of £6 for the first three months instead of £12.95. More information can be found on the HSBC website.

Lastly is the standard HSBC bank account, possibly one of the most popular of the HSBC bank accounts due to its simplicity. The only downside to it is the fact that it requires a monthly minimum deposit of £500. Aside from this, the account also comes with a range of benefits such as identity theft assistance and no monthly fees. The account is accessible through internet banking, in your local branch as well as mobile and text. An overdraft is also possible subject to credit status and may incur fees.

For more information or to apply today, take a look at hsbc.co.uk.

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