What's on offer from HSBC breakdown cover

If you live in the UK and you were about to take out roadside Breakdown Cover, then we suggest you hold on and have a read of this. Not a lot of people know, but if you open an "Advance" Bank Account with HSBC, you could be in line to get your HSBC breakdown cover for free with no snags or catches.

HSBC Advance is a new financial product that offers subscribers a number of perks on top of their HSBC Account for a small monthly fee of £12.95. They are even currently running an offer where you get your first three months for just £6 per month. So what kind of perks do HSBC Advance customers enjoy?

If you subscribe to this package, you get Worldwide Travel Insurance, Roadside Breakdown Assistance cover, ID Theft and Personal Safety Assistance, Life Cover / Accidental Death Benefit of £3,000, banking by text message, online fraud tools, dedicated HSBC advance specialists on hand 24/7, preferential terms on overdrafts savings accounts and even mortgages, and finally you'll get money saving travel and leisure offers at regular intervals.

You also get all the regular benefits you'd expect from a HSBC bank account including full ATM Services and online banking. If you're willing to switch banks, then for us, this offer is a complete no brainer thanks to the perks that HSBC offer. Check out the program at hsbc.co.uk/1/2/personal/hsbc-advance.

So don't spend unnecessary money on a breakdown policy when you can get it included in a HSBC Advance account!

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