HSBC Internet banking: overview and benefits


HSBC Bank, endearingly termed the "world's local bank", makes its headquarters in London and is, as of 2011, the largest and most profitable bank in the world. The company, as of 2011, has 7,500 offices situated in 87 different nations. HSBC Bank does investment banking, commercial business banking, retail banking and private banking.'

Online Banking

For private, individual banking customers, the newly preferred means of banking is through the internet. Many businesses have also started to prefer HSBC internet banking to the traditional methods of banking. The answer to this is very simple. Simply the benefits and convenience of online banking clearly makes it a mistake to not sign up for HSBC internet banking if you have an account with HSBC.

Benefits of HSBC Online Banking

Saves Time

You can do all of your financial transactions right from your computer with HSBC internet banking. You do not have to waste time driving to the bank office and waiting in line. You can make transfers to other bank accounts with just a few clicks. You can pay bills online. And you can view your account balance and history anytime. And do not worry, you can print off receipts and account statements if you need to.

Have 24/7 Access

With online banking, the bank will never close.

Be Secure

While banking online may seem dangerous to the traditional bank customer, know that HSBC offers an online fraud guarantee. If payments or withdrawals were made by a fraudulent third party, HSBC will reimburse you provided you have not given away your password and username to anyone.

Be Eligible for Discounts

You can discounts on certain products online with an HSBC internet banking account.

Customer Service

With HSBC online banking, you have access to a 24/7 customer service phone hotline or online chat hotline. Any problems or concerns you have can be addressed immediately.

Current Savings Rate

As of 06.09.2011, the interest rate for a savings account ranges from 1.95% to 3.65%, as long as you make an initial deposit of £2000. Keep in mind that interest rates for savings accounts greater than £50,000 will get higher interest rates from HSBC.

Check to make sure the interest rate has not changed from this time.

Consider Your Options

Compare HSBC online banking with other competitors like Nationwide, CitiBank and Barclay's to see which one you like best.



You can try a free online demo at the website.

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