HSBC Invoice Finance - all you need to know

Invoice financing helps to improve your cash flow so you can concentrate on the day to day running of your business. Below is some top advice on HSBC invoice finance.


HSBC is among the biggest banking and financial services companies in the world today. Its headquarters is located in Canary Wharf in London. It is the most valuable bank in the world with over 128 million customers in 87 countries around the globe. They provide customers with a number of high quality services including invoice financing.

Invoice financing

HSBC invoice financing can be used as a means of improving your cash flow. It also helps you to manage your finances in a more efficient manner. It provides you with money immediately without having to wait on invoices to be paid. HSBC pay you for outstanding invoices and then take on responsibility for the debt and its payment. They charge a small fee for providing this service. HSBC provide invoice finance through two basic products - invoice discounting and factoring.


Factoring involves selling your invoices to HSBC. Up to 90% of the invoice value is paid up front and then a credit controller from HSBC will take over the debt and ensure full payment. HSBC also offer bad debt protection on most accounts if you are concerned about not getting paid.

Invoice discounting

Invoice discounting is similar to factoring in that it allows you to draw money against sales invoices before the customer has paid. The main difference is in the financial arrangement. Invoice discounting is usually used by larger companies and corporations.

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