Types of HSBC Mortgage - all you need to know

HSBC are the world's local bank and they offer a range of mortgage product to suit all customers. The following are the main types of HSBC mortgage available.

First Time Buyer Mortgages

HSBC provide fixed rate, tracker and discount mortgages for first time buyers. All mortgages are subject to a maximum loan to value ratio. They have a 2 year fixed standard mortgage loan with a maximum LTV of 90%. Repayments are fixed for the duration of the fixed term, and do not change whether market rates rise or fall. There are no qualifying criteria and the interest rate is 4.99%. A booking fee of £599 applies. The maximum loan size available with this product is £400,000.

Mortgages for those moving home

HSBC also provide a range of mortgages for those moving home. One of these is a lifetime tracker standard mortgage with a maximum loan to valuation ratio of 80%. This mortgage has an interest rate of 2.99% and it tracks the Bank of England Base Rate Plus of 2.49%. The booking fee is £599 and the maximum loan size is £1 million. This product also allows unlimited overpayments without charge.


There are a similar range of mortgage products available for those looking to remortgage their home. HSBC have a 2 year discount special mortgage with a maximum loan to valuation of 60%. This loan offers an interest rate that is a discount of the HSBC variable rate of 1.95% for the agreed term of two years. There are no qualifying criteria and the booking fee is £999. The maximum loan amount for this product is £250,000. Additional fees associated with this loan include early repayment charges.

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