HSBC Travel Insurance: Customer Reviews

HSBC travel insurance offers cover for one-off trips or annual trips, with different prices and levels of covering depending on what you apply for. Although HSBC offers discount rates for customers, the actual insurance is offered through Aviva but the claims are dealt with by HSBC in some cases.

The basic form of HSBC travel insurance covers:

  • Events where you are forced to cancel your trip or are stranded abroad due to the closure of an airspace for more than 24 hours.
  • Single trips from 2 to 120 days and annual multi-trips.
  • Optional cover for baggage, winter sports equipment and other personal belongings.
  • Up to £10million emergency medical cover whilst aboard.
  • 15% discount when purchased online.

Generally, HSBC travel insurance is considerably cheaper than other insurance policies - at least when first viewed.


Customer Feedback

According to most feedback given by customers on review sites, HSBC travel insurance provides average coverage. However, many customers have pointed out that the initial quoted price is different from the actual price they're expected to pay. When actually applying, the price for the insurance goes up and is more expensive than other providers. This isn't the case for all customers as some have claimed to received a better price than other providers.

The coverage provided by HSBC travel insurance received mixed reviews. Some have stated that the general cover quality is poor and difficult/confusing to make a claim and the payout was not what they expected; if you do consider opting for HSBC travel insurance make sure you check your excess thoroughly and you know the exact ins and outs of your policy.

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