Husband and wife deals can reduce car insurance bills

Husband and wife deals on car insurance are a very popular way of reducing the premium you pay for car insurance. The policy only needs to be taken out in one person's name and the spouse can be added as a named driver.

Whichever person gets the cheapest quote from the insurance companies, takes out the policy and reduces the overall insurance cost for the couple.

Insurance companies use a number of factors when calculating the premium you need to pay for car insurance. One of the biggest influences on the premium is your driving history.

If you have an immaculate driving record with a few years' no claims bonuses built up, you can expect to be rewarded by almost every car insurance provider. Alternatively, if you have claimed from your insurance company for accidents in the past, it can push your premium up.

There are many insurance companies who will recognise your no claims bonuses from other companies. Obviously, for husbands and wives, whoever has the most years of no claims bonuses should take out the car insurance policy to ensure that you get the cheapest price.

Other factors that are used to determine your premium include age and gender. The older drivers are, the safer they are considered to be by the insurance companies. Women are also considered to be safer drivers than men, so use this information to ascertain who would get the cheaper quote for car insurance.

And always remember the golden rule when looking for cheap car insurance. It pays to shop around; with so many car insurance providers you should have no problem finding a terrific husband and wife car insurance deal.

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