Opening a ICICI fixed deposit rates account

One important thing to keep in mind when starting a fixed deposit account is the icici fixed deposit rates. By knowing these rates ahead of time, you will get a better return on your investment. This will occur when you apply for a fixed deposit account.

It is best to start researching any icici fixed deposit rates at least a few months in advance of when you would like to open an account. This will involve contact the ICICI bank and asking for the fixed deposit rates on a weekly or monthly basis. This information might also be obtained by visiting the bank’s website. For example, you should make a note of the icici fixed deposit rates over a two month period to get an idea of how it fluctuates or if it remains unchanged. This is also the perfect time to find out the terms and conditions associated with these fixed deposit accounts.

Another option to look at when investigating icici fixed deposit rates is the amount you deposit. It is also a good question to ask if the deposit rates are affected by the sum you place on fix deposit. You might be able to yield a higher return on your investment if the bank gives you a better rate to place in a higher sum of money.

Icici fixed deposit rates may also be affected when you want to cancel the term deposit early. Keep in mind that some banks might have penalty charges, if you would like to withdraw your money before the fix deposit term has ended.

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