Finding the Ideal Boiler Insurance Policy

Finding the ideal boiler insurance can be difficult. You'll need to find a policy that totally covers your appliances but also saves you money; you shouldn't pay to cover a central heating system, for example, if you're certain you only need to cover your boiler. Not only will boiler insurance give you peace of mind that you're covered for any emergency but it also ensures your boiler is gas safe. It's important to always take our a policy from a provider that promises to send out Gas Safety registered engineers (CORGI registered engineers are no longer qualified for full safety checks) to make sure all checks are done professionally and all repairs are safely performed.

Standard Cover

"Standard Cover" is basic boiler insurance which normally covers the boiler and controls with unlimited call-outs (in most cases) and covers repairs up to a certain amount per year. The average excess for a standard boiler cover is £50, which means you'll pay that price each time you need a repair. Each policy is different but these are the cheapest to take out. It's ideal boiler insurance for anyone who isn't concerned about boiler breakdown or has a boiler still covered by the warranty.

Plus Cover

Most insurers offer a "plus cover" scheme which works in the same way as standard cover but doesn't have an excess. You'll pay a little more per month for this cover but won't have to folk out for any repairs; labour, parts and VAT are normally covered by these policies. You're not covered for unlimited repairs but covered for a certain amount per year, depending on the policy you take out. This is ideal boiler insurance for anyone who doesn't want to pay out for boiler repairs but knows their boiler won't need to be repaired excessively in one year.

Boiler and Central Heating

For a more expensive monthly cost you could get boiler and central heating insurance, which covers the whole heating system in your home. Again, this should include the cost of parts, labour and VAT, as well as unlimited call outs. Many people take out this policy as heating problems often lie with radiators or other components, so you won't have to pay for more repairs because your insurance only covers the boiler and controls.

Insurance Providers

Here's a few of the most trusted providers with Gas Safety registered engineers. Take a look on their website to find the most ideal boiler insurance to cover your home:

British Gas (http://www.britishgas.co.uk/products-and-services/maintenance-and-repair/boilers-and-heating.html)

The AA (http://www.theaa.com/insurance/home-emergency-response.html)

NPower (http://www.npower.com/web/offers/index.htm)

HomeServe (http://www.homeserve.com/insurance?hs_c_id=AFF_ANT_557420)

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