If you won the lottery …

Couple Colin and Chris Weir last week won an inconceivable £162 million in last week's Euromillions draw. But the couple have decided not to move into a mansion, but stay in their three bedroom house on the coast of Scotland.

But according to research by Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks, 58 percent of us would up sticks and move to a new home if they won the lottery.

So if you could, hypothetically speaking, have any pad you wanted, what would it be? Perhaps you'd choose a property in the capital, a Mayfair penthouse maybe? A five bedroom luxury property, minutes away from Hyde Park and Green Park, would typically set you back a couple of million at least – though if you won the Euromillions, you wouldn't be counting.

Or you might opt for a country estate, a Grade II listed Georgian mansion in Oxfordshire.

You may have always had a hankering for living abroad. The south of France or maybe Tuscany. One particlar stone farmhouse in Tuscany, complete with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, 16 acres of land including an olive grove, and a swimming pool, could set you back a cool 6 million euros. But, with that winning lotto ticket, you'd have pots of cash to spare.

Now where did I put my ticket?

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