Improve better than moving

In the current financial climate, many believe that if they stick with what they've got, only improve it in some way, then they'll be in a position to reap a tidy dividend once the market picks up again.

The survey, conducted by YouGov for Safestore, a self-storage company in the UK, found that 78% believe renovating the way forward in these uncertain economic times.

Peter Gowers, chief executive at Safestore, said: "This research highlights that people still feel reticent about selling and prefer to improve their current property. Homeowners seem to be thinking strategically - investing in their home now could reap rewards should they wish to sell in the future.

Self storage is continuing to act as a bellwether for trends in the property market as Safestore is witnessing a growth in customers putting their possessions into storage whilst they conduct home improvements.'

Ah, so that's why they carried out the survey then!

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