How to improve your household cash flow

One of the best, and easiest, ways to improve your household cash flow is to cancel your mobile phone contracts. Because these contracts are usually a set price each month, say £40 each time, you are either using your phone more to justify the spend, or spending more money than you need too in order to get a better phone. Purchasing a pay-as-you go mobile will encourage you to only spend what you need. Certain networks such as O2 and Vodafone have special deals where you can call and text people as much as you want to for a set price, usually around £10.

Your next move to improve your household cash flow is to get rid of any extra cable television you have that you either, don't need or don't watch. For example, to watch cable in HD costs around £10 a month on top of your bill. Consider whether being able to watch all the channels in HD is really a necessary spend. You should also get rid of any extra packages you don't watch on a regular basis, this can save you a minimum of £5.

If you have credit card debt you should consider putting it all together on one interest-free card. Most high street banks offer interest-free transfers, with both the Halifax and Santander offering 0% interest for 19 months on balance transfers. Not only will this save you money each month on your payments, it will also reduce your overall debt. You should also consider getting rid of any unnecessary purchases, such as cigarettes. While giving up is easier said than done, if you smoke 20-a-day that is a potential £144, minimum, extra in your purse or wallet, every month. Once you begin to improve your household cash flow any small sacrifices you have had to make will all be worth it.

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