We look at IN10 car insurance

As some of you may or may not know, an IN10 driving conviction is one where the driver has been found to be driving without the appropriate insurance coverage - something which, as you'd expect, is frowned upon by the major insurance companies.

As well as the fine of £180 and 6 penalty points added to your driving license, an IN10 conviction against your name carries a much more far reaching effect in that it makes it exceptionally difficult to find car insurance from that point onwards.

To make matters worse, it is often the case that the police will add additional driving related charges to your file, such as the SP30 or CD10 charges which are issued for speeding and careless driving. These charges can all add up, making it almost impossible for a driver who has decided to follow the rules following his indiscretion to play by the book.

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of insurance companies who are now willing to step forward and take a risk on insuring these drivers, which is unsurprising given the fact that as driving convictions increase, there is an ever growing market of people who cannot get insured by conventional means.

If you currently find yourself in this position and are struggling to find anywhere that will offer you IN10 car insurance, we're happy to inform you that we might be able to lend a hand.

www.quotezone.co.uk are an online insurance quote company who find you the best quotes from more than 90 insurance companies in the United Kingdom in order to get you the cheapest deal. Recently they have added the option to specify an IN10 driving conviction on your quote application, allowing you to get back on the road (legally) as quickly as possible!

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