Low income credit cards with 1500 pounds limit...right here!

It takes time, patience and some prompt repayments on your part, but you can get yourself a credit card with a £1500 limit if you have a low credit rating or low yearly income. Low income credit cards with a £1500 limit is not impossible, but you must know that you will not get one upon your first application.

Why not, I hear you ask? Well, in order to get a credit card at all, you must prove to your bank that you have the money to pay your bill when it comes at the end of the month. If you have a history of bad credit (i.e not paying your bills on time) then it is unlikely that a bank will be willing to give you a credit card that allows you to purchase up to £1500. Same goes if you are on a low income. If, according to the bank, you are not earning enough money each month to comfortably pay your credit card bill then your chances of being issued a card are extremely slim.

So, how can I ever get a credit card with a £1500 limit? The best thing to do is apply for a credit card limit that is relatively low, lets say around £300. Then, you absolutely must pay your bills on time, every time you receive them. If you can pay even more than the minimum amount requested, it is an added bonus in your favour. This way, you are showing to your bank that you are a reliable client who can handle its bills, even on a low income. Slowly and surely you will build up your credit reputation, and you will soon be in a better position to ask for an increase on your credit card limit.

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