Professional Indemnity Insurance for Counsellors

Counselling is a rewarding job but still contains some legal risks. If a patient or client feels your treatment was wrong or you made a mistake, you could face prosecution or be taken to court. This would mean hiring a legal representative, which could be costly, especially if you run a small counselling firm or work as self-employed. Indemnity insurance for counsellors, also known as "professional" indemnity insurance, is a type of one-off payment insurance that protects individuals in the counselling profession should they undergo any legal dispute with clients.

Why Indemnity Insurance is Useful

Indemnity insurance for counsellors can be quite handy for a variety of reasons. If you have a client who, despite receiving counselling, has failed to improve then they may decide to take legal action. Whether or not your methods were wrong you'll still have to find legal representation is taken to court; in the case of the client being wrong, that means spending money when it wasn't needed. Indemnity insurance for counsellors protects you against such instances where legal action is taken against you.

What Indemnity Insurance Covers

Indemnity insurance covers the legal costs, up a certain amount, of hiring legal help. The price for indemnity insurance varies for different providers but the fee is normally one-off, and considerably cheaper than hiring a lawyer if you don't already have one. Indemnity insurance will also cover you if you break confidentiality rules or your firm accidentally loses important documents and a client takes action.

Financial Protection

It's important to remember that indemnity insurance for counsellors only covers you or your firm financially. If you are successfully sued by the client and further action is taken against you or your firm, you might not be covered. Indemnity insurance covers the legal costs of hiring legal help or lawyers and is not used as a "get out" clause if legal action is sought against you or your firm for bad practice.


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