What is indemnity insurance for dental nurses?

If you're working as a dental nurse have you ever stopped to think about taking out an indemnity insurance policy to cover you in the case of a claim of negligence being made against you? How do you think you would manage without such a policy?

If you're a dental nurse for the National Health Service, these questions are irrelevant to you thanks to the fact that all National Health Service dental nurses are insured by the NHS to perform all the tasks outlined in their contracts of employment.

However if you are a dental nurse working in the private sector, then you will not be automatically covered. While we're sure that most of you would be familiar with this already, there is a chance that some people may not have been aware that they were running a real risk by not taking out an indemnity insurance policy to cover them while at work.

So, what does an indemnity insurance policy entitle a private dental nurse to that makes it such an important thing to have?

Well first and foremost it means that you will be fully covered against any claims of negligence made against you in your role as a dental nurse. Without indemnity insurance you could be looking at a long and expensive process, even if the claims are unfounded.

You'll be afforded protection on the off chance that you should ever be called to give evidence in an official capacity in a coroner's or criminal court of law.

And finally, if you have indemnity insurance for dental nurses, you'll be insured against any defamation claims made against you in a professional capacity (though not in a personal one, it should be noted in case there is any confusion about that).

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