Don't be without indemnity insurance for building work

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Construction sites are one of the most dangerous work places there is. There are risks just about everywhere you look, which is why it's so important that you have indemnity insurance for building work. It's also a legal requirement for anyone involved in construction to have indemnity insurance.

People coming and going is a common feature on all constructions sites, no matter what size they are. There's always specialist jobs to be done that require people to come to the site for a few days and, much worse, they're a magnet for children. With loose wires, unconnected pipes, unfinished footpaths and heavy machinery present on most building sites, you can see the risks yourself.

If anyone was to sustain a serious injury or lose their life on the site because of your building work, it could signal the end of your business if you don't have indemnity insurance for building work.

Indemnity insurance for building work will also provide cover for jobs that develop difficulties after you have finished. Imagine you're working on a house as a plasterer - or any other trade - and six months after you finish the job, you learn that the owners of the house are making a claim against you for unsatisfactory work.

Indemnity insurance for building work is the only protection you have against this type of thing bankrupting you and your business.

There are plenty of insurance companies who will provide you with indemnity insurance for building work. The most important thing to do is shop around and get as many quotes as possible before you take out a policy.

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