Indemnity insurance for dental nurses covers a wide range of risks

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Indemnity insurance for dental nurses may be a legal requirement and it's not advisable to go to work without it. Any patient who suffers avoidable harm because of the negligence of a dental nurse is likely to make a claim that could easily run into figures large enough to bankrupt you, if you don't have indemnity insurance.

Many dental nurses will be covered by the professional indemnity insurance policy of the dentist they're working for. This covers acts and omissions carried out by everyone working for the dentist. If you're unsure whether your dentist's indemnity insurance policy covers you as a dental nurse, all you have to do is ask them.

Dental nurses can be easily added to a professional indemnity insurance policy for a small fee, and this saves a lot of dental nurses from taking out an indemnity insurance policy in their own name.

However, the traditional roles and responsibilities of dental nurses have changed dramatically over recent. Dental nurses are now carrying out more and more jobs without the supervision of dentists.

Any work that's carried out without the supervision of the dentist will not be covered by their professional indemnity insurance. Dental nurses that carry out a large number of jobs, without the dentist present, should consider a dental nurse indemnity insurance policy in their own name.

When you're purchasing indemnity insurance, the same rules apply for getting a good deal. It pays to shop around and check out what the competition is offering. Insurance comparison websites, such as Money Supermarket, will do this for you in a couple of minutes.

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