How to Know if You Need Indemnity Insurance for Windows

If you cannot find the FENSA certificate for windows installed after April 2002, it is possible to purchase indemnity insurance for windows to put the buyers’ mind at ease when you are looking to sell your home. While many buyers don’t think to inquire about this certification, the job of the broker is to be sure that all the needed documentation is in order.

Certification for Windows Through FENSA

FENSA certification for windows takes place through the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) in cooperation with the Local Authority Building Control and the window installation industry. The certification shows that the windows installed in your home were properly fitted and installed and meet all regulations.

Since 2002, all new window installation must be double glazed for energy conservation. As a part of the professionalism of a window installation company, FENSA certification should be sought after. The GGF is responsible for inspecting and certifying each business that installs new windows.

Possible Need for Indemnity Insurance

If your home had new windows installed after April 2002, if they were installed by a FENSA certified installer, you should be able to locate the certificate you were given upon completion of the job.

If the installation was not done by a FENSA certified installer or it was done DIY, then obtaining indemnity insurance will probably be required before the final papers are signed on the sale of your house.

What Indemnity Insurance for Windows is For

Double glazing indemnity insurance, indemnity insurance for windows, FENSA certification, window indemnity insurance and double glazing insurance provides financial protection for the buyer should it become necessary to have the windows replaced because they do not meet all building codes. However, if the windows were installed by a FENSA certified company, indemnity insurance for windows should not be required to complete the sale of your property.

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