Indemnity Insurance for Windows

Indemnity insurance for windows refers to homes without a FENSA certificate. Since April 2001 all homes that have had replacement windows must have a FENSA certificate, which ensures the windows were properly fitted, meet regulations and are safe. If you don't have a FENSA certificate you cannot sell your home legally.

FENSA Certification

Always try to look for your FENSA certificate before taking out indemnity insurance for windows. If you're sure you've had a FENSA certificate before you can request one off your local authority, but be aware that contacting a local authority and telling them you don't have a FENSA certificate will make you eligible for indemnity insurance. A local authority will send out an inspector if the windows were never FENSA approved and either issue a certificate or make you replace the windows if they do not meet regulations.

Indemnity Insurance

Indemnity insurance is a financial protection, not a quick fix. It won't change the windows if they're not FENSA approved and only covers the homeowner if a local authority speaks to you about the FENSA certification. You'll either need a FENSA certificate or indemnity insurance before selling your home; you should normally take out the insurance yourself rather than asking the buyer to do so, as they are less likely to pay for the insurance themselves. In any case, the indemnity insurance for windows is passed on owner to owner as long as the home it was taken out on still exists.

The cost of indemnity insurance is one-off and normally around £60, depending on the provider. If a local authority is already aware that your windows were not FENSA approved you won't be able to take out the insurance. Make sure you check all criteria before signing an indemnity insurance policy; if you're not eligible you'll pay for the insurance but when you need cover your policy will be invalid.

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