Indemnity Policy cost to cover a recently built conservatory

For any kind of building work, planning permission and building regulations must be sought by the builder, or at least the homeowner. If regulations or planning permission isn't sought for any reason, local authorities have the power to issue a notice and put enforcement on the homeowner to correct or remove the work. Building regulations are particularly important to have when performing any kind of modification because it ensures that all work carried out is safe and acceptable; however, some homeowners may insist the work goes ahead without proper regulations.

Anyone buying a new home who thinks building regulations or planning permission was sought for a conservatory can take out legal insurance. Indemnity insurance policy cost for a conservatory can financially protect the home buyer from any legal fees incurred from local authority enforcement, any financial loss for replacing the conservatory or any loss of value to the home from local authority enforcement can be insured with the policy. It is essential for homeowners and buyers to seek out some form of insurance on unregulated building works before a local authority contacts the homeowner regarding lack of planning or building regulations.

You can't use indemnity policy to cover the cost for a conservatory that is unsafe or something goes wrong due to the building work carried out. You're only protected from legal authorities.

The cost for indemnity insurance can be a cheap alternative to facing local authorities or enforcement. In all cases, indemnity insurance is a one off payment and exists for the life of the home, passed from homeowner to homeowner. However, to apply for indemnity insurance policy cost to cover a conservatory you must:

  • Have had the work carried out no less than 12 months ago
  • Not have been contacted by a local authority previously regarding the building work
  • Have used to home for a residential dwelling for the past 12 months

Failure to provide accurate information could make your indemnity insurance void and cost you a substantial amount of money.

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