Indemnity insurance policy to cover lack of FENSA Certificate

Any replacement windows after April 2001 must be FENSA certified. Normally the window fitter should issue a FENSA certificate, or arrange for an inspector to issue a certificate, but it is also up to the homeowner to ensure windows meet FENSA regulations. You can't sell your home without a FENSA certificate. However, an indemnity policy to cover lack of FENSA certificate can be an alternative to obtaining a new FENSA certificate.

You won't need an indemnity insurance policy to cover a FENSA certificate if you:

  • Had your windows installed before 2001
  • Originally had a FENSA certificate but lost it. A new one can be obtained from a local authority
  • Had the windows installed by a professional who issued a FENSA certificate, even if you didn't receive one (a local authority will have a record of the FENSA certificate even if you didn't obtain a copy)

However, if you contact a local authority regarding a lack of FENSA certificate you will not be able to obtain an indemnity policy to cover the FENSA certificate. Once a local authority is aware of the lack of FENSA certificate they may choose to take action against you; an indemnity insurance provider won't issue a policy to you because there's a higher chance of a local authority taking action after being contacted. Make sure you are certain that you have had a FENSA certificate before contacting a local authority.

An indemnity policy to cover a FENSA certificate will only cover the financials associated with local authority enforcement. However, indemnity insurance is cheaper than obtaining a new FENSA certificate and is an easy alternative if you want to sell your home without a FENSA certificate.

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