Indemnity Insurance Policy for Replacement Windows

Since April 2001 if you have had any replacement windows in your home you need a FENSA certificate. A FENSA certificate authenticates the windows and ensures:

  • The windows were fitted properly.
  • They were fitted securely and pose no risk or danger.
  • They meet FENSA/Local Authority guidelines.
  • The windows don't break any other guidelines set out (i.e., windows that break building regulations or impose in some way on another property).

If you don't have a FENSA certificate you won't be able to sell your home legally. Rather than obtaining a FENSA certificate you could instead opt for an indemnity policy for replacement windows, which financially protects you if a local authority places enforcement on you for failing to have a FENSA certificate.

An indemnity policy for replacement windows only costs a one-off fee, normally around £60 depending on the provider you go to. The indemnity insurance will last for the lifetime of the property and is passed on to each new homeowner; normally, the buyer will expect you to take out indemnity insurance for the windows and it's likely you'll have to pay for this anyway. A legal agent will not sell your home without a FENSA certificate or indemnity insurance for the windows.

However, you can't take out indemnity insurance if a local authority already knows about your lack of FENSA certificate. You can try and obtain a FENSA certificate for a small fee if you've lost the original by ringing your local authority but only do this if you are absolutely sure you did have a FENSA certificate. Otherwise, a local authority will send out an inspector to inspect the windows and issue a certificate, or take action against you. If action has already been taken against you, or proposed to your by a local authority, then you can't apply for an indemnity policy for replacement windows.

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