Let's examine the independent car insurance companies

Looking to get an insurance quote from a company off the beaten track? Far too many articles online will just lazily link you to one of the big boys in the Irish market, but we're going the extra mile to try find you a good quote from one of Ireland's lesser known Insurance companies.

It's hard to know just which companies are independent, such is the tangled web of financial institutions, so lets take a look at independent car insurance companies that act as brokers.

We suggest taking a gander at the services offered at http://www.bestquote.ie. This site is the home of a network of independent insurance brokers, geographically spread around the country controlling in excess of 250,000 policies. All members are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and are members of the Irish Brokers Association, so you know any dealings you have with them will be above board.

The bestquote site breaks down cover by the main counties in Ireland, and also by the time of cover that you seek. Because their focus is so broad, they can get you cover in a multitude of different areas, from Car Insurance to Home and Health.

Claiming couldn't be easier, despite dealing with a broker. Windscreen damage is handled by a quick phone call to their partner Mr. Windscreen, while other car damage is handled by DAS.

Despite being perhaps Ireland's largest broker, Bestquote remain completely impartial and independent, so if you're looking ofr an independent quote, check out their website today.

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