The future of Indian gold investment

Gold is without a doubt one of the most expensive minerals on the planet, so it is therefore unsurprising that Indian gold is seeing somewhat of a dominance in that country. After all, India is a country in which its populace is enjoying sociological and economical improvements on a large scale. Gold, therefore, is becoming a prime commodity in which to trade here.

Throughout 2010, the Indian gold market dominated the scene. Experts predict that this looks set to continue in the years that follow, and this is currently proving to be true. Other experts have predicted that the Chinese gold market will soon overtake India’s, though this remains to be seen.

Interestingly, despite the country's less than stellar history of sexual equality, in India gold remains the property of the wife, rather than the husband. Indeed, men can only obtain a woman’s gold by inheritance, as the commodity is representative of her family and her own financial wealth and future. As a result of this ideology, analysts often find it hard to determine what factors influence the demand of gold in India, never knowing whether the primary factor is that of investment or simply cultural belief.

In 2011, some 18,00 tons of gold were owned throughout households in India. Demand throughout the country is constantly growing, despite the country’s primary currency (the Rupee) declining in the last ten years.

Experts predict that due to India’s continual economic growth, the country will sell more and more gold, impacting on both the savings and income of the country’s residents, subsequently leading to even more Indian gold being purchased, both in-land and by outside investors.

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