Inflation hits the elderly worst

High rates of inflation are affecting the elderly worst, warns a report today.

Elderly members of society are having to battle an annual rise in the cost of living of 4.6% - that's 0.1% above the Consumers Price Index.

Dr Ros Altmann, of old age experts Saga, called the plight of the elderly 'an outrage.'

She said: 'It is so damaging for someone on fixed incomes when prices rise at this rate. Every year, they can afford to buy less and less.'

Meanwhile, Michell Mitchell of Age UK slammed the controversial decision by Scottish Power last week to raise its energy bills by 19% - adding nearly 200 pounds to annual household bills.

She said: 'The threat of higher energy bills is likely to add to the worry and uncertainty faced by millions of older people during the winter months.'

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