5 Innovative Crytocurrencies Worth Considering

Good solid investments are not easy to come by and it takes lots of due diligence and research in order to unearth the next thing that can give you some serious returns on your initial investment.

The blockchain is what will underpin the next generation of the web as transactions of all sorts, including cryptocurrencies, will be logged and verified by decentralized parties in a move that will revolutionize how much trust we can place in things like financial transactions, public records and the transparency of donations that charities receive. The upside of this is that large corporations will no longer be able to monopolize their particular industry which will then protect people’s interests in the long term.

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The most well-known example of blockchain technology in action is Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency which is used for payments instead of traditional money like Euro or US Dollars. A lesser-known cryptocurrency of which big things are expected is Ether. This digital coin is a currency which runs on the Ethereum network. One of the strongest aspects that Ether has over Bitcoin is that it can process “smart contracts” which means it stores code for details of the rules for the negotiation, verifies the terms and automatically executes the contract as soon as the conditions are fulfilled. With faster transaction times, lower fees, a wider range of potential uses and more emphasis on fairer and environmentally responsible mining, Ether is definitely a credible threat to Bitcoin’s position as the dominant cryptocurrency.


The Golem Projects is an extremely ambitious project, again based on the Ethereum network. It has been dubbed the Airbnb of computing power and the goal is to harness unused computer processing power from computers all over the globe and become the first decentralized computer. People will be able to rent processing power in a peer-to-peer manner with providers being paid in cryptocurrency, or in this case, Golem Network Tokens. It is a novel way of tackling what is becoming an environmental issue as massive server farms run by companies such as Google, Amazon and IBM pop up everywhere in order to maintain the web. This is also an innovative way to provide the average person or group that has a complex problem with a much larger pool of resources and processing power by using BlockChain where others are able to provide hardware to those in need.

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If you have ever felt that casinos hold an impossible advantage over their clients who play various games of chance against the house, then Edgeless is a casino project which is aiming to provide an array of casino games with as close to 0% edge for the house as possible. This is achieved through publicly available Ethereum Smart Contracts which remove any unfair advantage and lack of transparency from the gambling equation as all processes happening in the casino are monitored and displayed on the blockchain. Edgeless can then make money off of players’ mistakes while engaged in fair play. It is one of the new currencies that may be here for the long run as they have a very clear idea and understanding of their target market and how Edgeless can be beneficial and function in the long run. If Edgeless can achieve this transparency then expect gamblers to flock to their platform to take part in Dice, Blackjack, Poker, and Betting games.

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Advertising has long been due to a shake-up and it is coming soon in the form of the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Headed by an innovative team, including the founder of Mozilla and Firefox, BAT aims to make digital advertising more targeted and efficient by creating a new token (BAT) that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users on the Ethereum blockchain. In practice, this means users would be rewarded for opting in to view adverts while advertisers get paid based on the number of views their ads receive. This threatens the traditional delivery of invasive pop-up ads that clutter the web, abuse the user, hurt the publisher, encourage fraud and misinform advertisers and viewers.  


Finally, OmiseGO is leading the way in utilizing the blockchain to provide a digital wallet which will allow users to pay people across any platform. Currently, people are tied into various digital wallets such as Paypal, Google Wallet or Apple Pay and it can be quite tedious to arrange efficient payments across platforms. OmiseGo aims to remove these headaches by allowing people to conduct financial transactions such as payments, loyalty programs, and other on-demand services all in a decentralized and cheap way. This will be a revolutionary technology for both the unbanked and those who want to make smoother and quicker payments.

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