Start an instant access saving account today!

There is no better way to start your savings career than with an instant access saving account.  This type of account allows you the flexibility to save money safe in the knowledge that should a rainy day ever arrive and you need to use your savings then you will not incur any penalty fees.

We have scoped out the top earning instant access saving account in the UK at the moment and will give you best of the rest to give you plenty of choices on who to entrust your cash with.

The top earning instant access saving account in the UK is with Coventry Building Society.  They are offering 3.15% AER with their Poppy Online Saver account.  There is no minimum deposit amount and you are entitled to 4 penalty free withdrawals of any amount per year.

ING Direct are offering an instant access saving account that is the best overall package.  This account offers 3.1% AER and there is once again no minimum deposit amount. This account offers true instant access with unlimited withdrawals at any time.

Next best is Nationwide's MySave Online Plus account with an AER of 3.05%.  This account requires that you make a first time deposit of at least £1,000 however and only allows 1 penalty free withdrawal per year.  Every subsequent withdrawal incurs a loss of interest in the month that withdrawal occurs.  This account allows hardly no instant access so you must weigh that up against the high interest rate to make sure this account is right for you.

Finally, an instant access account to match ING's account is offered by the Post Office.  Their Online Saver Issue 4 account allows unlimited free withdrawals and it pays an AER of 3.01%.  There is no minimum amount required to open this account and along with ING's, it is definitely the most flexible of the top accounts named here.

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