What are instant decision credit cards

Most instant decision credit cards advertise a one-minute approval rate. Most companies require you fill in an application form online when applying for a credit card. These applications can vary in length depending on the financial institution in charge of the card. Once you have filled in the necessary information you wait a short period for your decision. Most instant decision credit cards offer an in-principal decision. This means the quick decision you receive is based on the information you gave and more information may be needed in order to continue with the application.

The short period or the minute you have to wait for a decision is when the company may do a quick credit check on you. This enables them to decide whether you are a suitable candidate for their card and helps them come to an instant decision. Comparison websites such as Go Compare, Money Supermarket and Choose can help you find the best instant decision credit cards available.

It is important that, before you complete an application form for a credit card, you know exactly what you will be using your card for as well as a rough idea of the kind of credit limit you want. For example, many people are turning to credit cards offering 0% APR on balance transfers, this allows them to move the balance of their current card to a new one and pay less interest. You may need it for other debt consolidation concerns or just to have in cases of emergency.

Capital One currently offer one of the best instant decision credit cards, it has no hidden charges and Capital One look at a person's circumstances on an individual basis in an attempt to help everyone who applies. Barclaycard Initial also offers an instant decision, and as well as a competitive APR this Barclaycard earns the holder Thomas Cook incentive points with each purchase.

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