Do you need insurance for your car in the UK?

Do you currently need to purchase new insurance for your car in the UK? As it is compulsory by law to hold driving insurance in the UK, you really should never drive your car without first getting a quote for cover. Accidents happen and if you are caught without insurance you could be faced with a large fine or even a prison sentence.

If you are looking for a fair quote from a professional company, you need to get a quote from Aviva. Aviva are one of the UK's most popular car insurance companies and they offer you everything that you could possibly need out of your policy.

Aviva currently have a deal that all new customers with over four years no claims bonus are automatically entitled to 12 weeks' free car insurance when you buy your policy direct from Aviva. If this isn't enough, you also save a further 20% by buying your new Aviva policy online at aviva.co.uk. Their car insurance comes from as little as £191 and has a range of generous benefits:

  • View, change or renew all your policies online
  • No claims discount for named drivers
  • Uninsured driver promise for extra peace of mind
  • Add RAC breakdown cover to your policy with a 25% discount
  • Up to 90 days cover in the European Union

So if you would like to take advantage of Aviva's great deals, you should start by logging onto their website and getting yourself a competitive quote. You can find their website at aviva.co.uk.

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