We check out the best deals on insurance for a car with an engine of 1500

Are you looking for insurance for a car with an engine of 1500 and are finding nothing but a market full of outrageously priced insurance quotes or even just outright refusals? We understand your pain, and believe that you shouldn't be getting punished for driving a fast car. As long as you are a careful driver, there are bargains to be found, once you look in the right place.

Most insurance companies will give you a quote on a high performance car, but it won't be great. To get real value, we recommend going to a company that specialises in this type of insurance, and you will find one of those companies at performancedirect.co.uk. Performance Direct specialise in high performance car insurance as their name suggests, and they offer an unbelievable range of options.

Performance Direct are an insurance broker, and they dip into their pool of over 100 different insurers in an effort to get you the best deal. They offer every single customer the cheapest possible online quote, and full service from their expert team of high performance car enthusiasts. Unlike a lot of other companies, they will even provide a quote for things like Kit Cars, American Cars and imported models from Asia. So getting a no obligation quote from them is a good idea.

Getting the quote is simplicity itself. You can fill in their quote application form on the website, which retrieves a quote for you in seconds, or else you can consult their expert team of insurance specialists by calling at 0844 573 3505.

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