Finding insurance for your car in Armagh - everything you need to know!

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Finding insurance for your car in Armagh is a lot easier than what you might think. What's more is that it is now easier than ever to find the cheapest possible car insurance for you due to the large amount of car insurance comparison websites available.

These websites search a large list of the most popular insurance companies at the click of a button. Simply provide them with the level of cover you require along with details of your previous driving history and your car. Some of the best comparison sites to try include:

  • comparethemarket.com
  • moneysupermarket.com
  • confused.com

Now that you know where to look you need to know what kind of insurance you require. Third party is the most basic level of cover and only covers other road users. Third party fire and theft is more common and is similar to the above with the added security of fire and theft cover. Fully Comprehensive is the most expensive and can be seen as an all risks covered policy.

When purchasing your car insurance find out what extras are included. Some companies offer free breakdown cover. Quinn Direct in Northern Ireland offers this as standard with all their policies. Other companies might give a discount for insuring more than one car or for purchasing online. Savings can also be made by providing proof of your no claims bonus.

To get yourself the most competitive quote possible for insurance for your car in Armagh, simply log onto one of the websites listed above.

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