If you want cheap insurance on a car in the UK use a calculator

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When it's time to purchase insurance for a car in the UK use a calculator to ascertain how much it will cost you. Calculators for car insurance are mostly used by people who want to pay their car insurance off in monthly instalments.

They're extremely useful for calculating the full cost of car insurance in these cases. When you pay for car insurance in monthly instalments, extra charges, such as interest and service charges, can push up the price of your car insurance. An insurance calculator will let you know exactly how much you'll be expected to pay every month.

Of course, a calculator can only tell you how much you'll need to pay for car insurance, it doesn't help too much with getting a cheap quote. You'll need to do most of the work for this yourself.

The best way of getting cheap car insurance is to drive safely. If you can manage to drive for a couple of years without being involved in an accident and claim, the insurance company will reward you with a no claims discount.

Most no claims discounts build up for a maximum of 5 years, but this could see you save as much as 70 per cent on the price of your car insurance.

Many insurance companies offer protected no claims discount and it's a benefit that is well worth availing of. For a small fee, you can protect your no claims discount, so that even if you're involved in a claim you can still qualify for a discount.

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