Insurance Companies That Serve Consumers In The United Kingdom

Many insurance companies offer similar products such as home insurance, car insurance or health insurance. However, price, type of coverage, and benefits each company offers varies. Some companies provide flexibility for taking insurance products. For example, you can set the price and duration that is convenient for you. All insurance companies have their own advantages. Learn about some of the renowned insurance companies operating in the United Kingdom.


Barclays, as one of the largest banks in the United Kingdom offers personal insurance for health, life, car, travel, and business. Barclays Travel Insurance is managed by First Assist Insurance Services Limited, while Gresham Insurance Limited provides the insurance for Barclays Home Insurance. Barclays offer many programs for every insurance product. For example, home insurance options include Buildings Insurance, Contents Insurance, Home Insurance and Finer High-Value Home Insurance. Home Insurance covers both building and contents up to £500,000 and £80,000 respectively. For building and contents above that limit, Finer High-Value Home Insurance is the plan for your needs.


Based in London and offices all around the United Kingdom, AXA serves 16 million customers. AXA offers insurance products for car, home, pet, travel, pensions and health. As one of the insurance companies that offer pet insurance, AXA regards its pet insurance products as the most comprehensive levels of vet's fees coverage available. This low cost product covers long term treatment, wide range complementary therapies, behavioral conditions treatment and cremating the pet.

Churchill Insurance

Established in 1989, Churchill sold motor insurance directly to the customer. After a year, it expanded to other areas of insurance products. This insurance company has proven its excellent service when it was awarded best online provider of motor, home and contents insurance in 2007. Also, Churchill still has a competitive price with many promotions to offer. Discounts are offered when buying insurance online on Churchill's site. Consumers can  get discount from 15% to 50% for unclaimed house in the last 5 years.


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