What is the best insurance company for female drivers

While it's already quite well known that female drivers get far better prices than their male counterparts when it comes to car insurance, it can still be tough to find out which company is the right one for you - especially with so many claiming to be the number one choice for female drivers in the United Kingdom.

For our money, the company who really deliver on their promises are Diamond Insurance, who we consider to be the best insurance company for female drivers. Specialising in coverage for women, they offer a range of policies that should suit you whatever your experience or requirements.

Whether you're looking for fully comprehensive insurance (which covers both your car and any other vehicle involved in an accident, rather than just theirs), third party (which only covers the other vehicle if you're involved in an accident that turns out to be your fault) or third party, fire and theft (which is the same as third party but with coverage for any damage arising from fire or theft of your vehicle), Diamond have a policy perfect for you.

Their fully comprehensive policy is where they really shine though, offering a range of features that most other insurance companies can't compete with.

Should you decide to go for the fully comprehensive policy, you'll receive free cover for your handbag and contents for up to £300, a courtesy car free of charge should your vehicle be unavailable due to repair work or damage, personal injury cover for up to £5,000, legal protection to the amount of £100,000, free cover for European driving, a no hassle 24 hour emergency helpline for you to call whenever you need assistance, £100 personal belongings cover, flexible payment plans should you not fancy paying it all out in one go, and you can even add your partner to your plan for a great price!

Check out all the information over at www.diamond.co.uk.

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