Insurance for cars - Do you need an agent?

How to look for insurance for car

The easiest way to get started is by obtaining quotes from online insurance sites. If you have an agent however, she may be the first person you go to. But is your agent affiliated with your current provider or is she an independent insurance agent?

Why an independent agent?

The reason an independent agent is preferable is because she can offer you unbiased advice. There is no reason for her to stick to one particular provider and match you to the service instead of vice versa. She can in fact, tailor make an insurance plan for you and then match that plan to a provider who meets your needs. Her service may come with a fee but it is negotiable.

Do you need an independent agent?

Are your costs offset?

The answer is as simple as a matter of cost. If her service and the insurance that you buy offset your costs considerably, then you need an independent insurance agent.

Do you buy an assortment of insurance?

This may involve buying insurance in bulk. There may be several cars to take care of, properties to insure and other kinds of insurance to look into.

Do you need someone to do the work?

Instead of having to do all the research and comparison by yourself, you now have someone to do it for you. On top of that, you should be able to clarify on any of your doubts by asking for her advice.

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