How to get affordable car Insurance for young drivers

Generally speaking if you are under-25 and looking for car insurance you could end up paying more than someone who is 30. This is because statistics show drivers under the age of 25-years-old are more likely to have an accident while driving than someone older. Because insurers use a risk calculator to reach their premiums, the fact they are deemed an accident risk means finding affordable car insurance for young drivers is difficult.

One of the first ways to find affordable car insurance for young drivers is to compare quotes from several different insurance companies. You may find the quotes range from stupidly expensive to more affordable the more you look around. Using a comparison site such as USwitch.com or GoCompare.com is also recommended as you can see all the quotes available in the one place.

Another way to make sure car insurance for young drivers is kept affordable is to choose a car wisely. Fast, expensive sports cars cost more to insure than a small car with a relatively smaller engine. If you do buy a small car, keep any modifications you make to it to a minimum as this can drive up your insurance premiums too. You could also think about taking the Pass Plus test. This is an advanced drivers course and many insurance companies will lower your premiums if you have taken and passed it.

It goes without saying that you should always drive safely, it is even more important when you are a young driver. This is because you are less likely to have an accident the safer you drive, no accidents will lead to no claims bonuses on your insurance and no claims bonuses will reduce your insurance payments each year.

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