Got a Peugeot 406HDi? Find out about the insurance group for 406HDi

The Peugeot 406HDi is the ideal car if you have a large family. Spacious, comfortable, safe and reliable, it is hard to go wrong with this automobile. And the HDi (High-Pressure Direct Injection Diesel) means that it is pretty powerful, too!

But despite its excellent reputation, you never know what can happen out there on the roads, to protect you, your family and other drivers. Which is why you should seriously consider taking out insurance for your 406HDi. But before you race ahead and organise any old insurance plan, you should know the insurance group for 406HDi.

An insurance group is basically the category in which your car is placed. The groups ate set by the Group Rating Panel, and this includes members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Lloyds Market Association (LMA). There are 20 groups in total, and the panel allocates cars in to a group depending on how much they could potentially cost insurers. For example, cars in the highest groups are usually high performance models, and insurers are more likely to pay out more money for their insurance claims.

So, what group does the Peugeot 406HDi belong to? Well, one way you can find out is by contacting the Automobile Association. Visit their website and you can click through to the ABI database. Just enter Peugeot 406HDi into their search and the insurance group will come up within seconds. You can also give AA a call on +44 800 316 2456, and they can give you an insurance quote for your 406 HDi shortly.

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