Organise your insurance for washing machine

Ok, I know what you are thinking, insurance for washing machine is a bit excessive. To be honest, not really. Despite the washing machine’s strong, sturdy appearance, it is still prone to malfunctions. Water leaks, drainage problems, overfilling…these are just a few of the issues that can happen to a washing machine. And given that these appliances cost a pretty decent sum of money, forking out wads of cash for pricey repair work and spare parts can really put a dampener on things. So, this is where some washing machine insurance comes in!

An excellent place to start your washing machine insurance search is by checking out the site of Domestic & General. These guys offer a washing machine insurance plan that covers against many different types of problems at an affordable price. Benefits include protection against breakdowns, repairs by manufacturer-approved engineers and the possibility to receive a brand-new replacement if it cannot be fixed by the insurance company. And if you pay by direct debit, it costs a tiny £3.25 per month, or £39 per year if you pay by credit card.

Another source to take a look at is QuoteUs. This company compares washing machine servicing and repair business insurance quotes online to come up with the best policy for you. They also tailor the quote to suit the specific needs of the washing machine servicing and repair engineers business. For a personalised washing machine insurance quote simply log on to their website and click on their Free Quote link.

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